Pi Day 2010!

A very happy pi day to all!  As many of you well know: today, March 14th (3/14), is that most famous mathematical holiday, Pi Day, to celebrate the circular constant pi = p = 3.14…

Since this special day falls on a weekend this year, I shall celebrate Pi Day with my students on Monday, the ides of March.  Of course there  will be pi(es), along with a pi internet scavenger hunt.  And I might have some student takers of the pi day digit memorization challenge on Monday too!

Rather than ramble on here1, however, I thought I’d provide you with a compendium of links to assorted pi and pi day fun resources!

  • “Five tasty facts about the famous ratio” from New Scientist.  Includes pi’s connection to randomness, piems, and the intriguing discovery that the sinuosity of rivers averages about 3.14!
  • One particular piem, by Michael Keith, has long been a favorite of mine.  My Baltimorean friends, fans of the Ravens, may enjoy; likewise, my fellow engineering teachers who teach a course called POE, may like this pi-restricted translation of a poem by that other Poe (Edgar Allen): Poe, E: Near a Raven.
  • A pi day and daylight savings time haiku by Crystal McKenzie.
  • A LiveBinders collection of pi day web resources.
  • A pi-day, live, Twitter-powered mathemagic trick.
  • Although I have known for years that Pi Day coincides with Al Einstein’s birthday, this year I found out for the first time that Waclaw Sierpinski, inventor of the famous Sierpinski Triangle, was born on pi day, 1882!
  • A video clip of two of my former math professors, Colin Adams and Tom Garrity, debating the merits of pi (vs. e).

With that, I wish you and yours the merriest of pi days!

1: If you wish to hear my past ramblings on pi and other numbers, visit my very own pi page.


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