Graduation 2010

Today was the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2010.

In answer to the implicit question posed in the last sentence of this earlier post, 17 out of the 75 students I taught during their 9th grade year have graduated from my high school.  3 of those graduates failed my Algebra I class, but went on to recover that credit and complete the rest of their four years here.  25 students passed my class that year (2006-7); 14 of that group of 25 graduated today.

As a reminder, not all of those whose names were not announced today at graduation dropped out.  Many were transferred to other schools, and I sincerely hope they achieved success there.

Although those numbers are low, I am pleased to announce that we had 319 graduates this year, more than last year (mentioned in the earlier post’s quoted article).  I was thrilled to see all the students I knew and had taught walk across the stage.  This was the class of students I entered with, and I got to know many of the now-graduates over their and my four years of high school.  I wish them luck and happiness as they go on to college and work!


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