A Post A Day for November?

October is a difficult month, as attested to by teachers and parents. It is packed full of events and increasing busy-ness at school, as well as a time when students start pushing boundaries in class and in the school (the “honeymoon period” is over). Last year, I stopped blogging in October, and didn’t pick up again  for over four months.

This year, although I only managed one post in October, I am committed not to let a four-month hiatus happen again. So many interesting things happened in October that I need to tell everyone about: a CyberSecurity Awareness Day trip to Lockheed Martin, some great sessions at NCTM Baltimore, meeting up with other blogging/tweeting math teachers at NCTM Baltimore, learning about new engineering curricula at UMBC (and finding out about required equipment we don’t have!), a visit from the National Academy Foundation to view our progress toward becoming an Academy of Engineering, collaborating with an art teacher on a fractal printmaking project, and a trip to the National Mall in DC for the first-ever USA Science and Engineering Festival! And even more fun is coming up over the next few weeks: an advisory board meeting, a career & tech ed expo, the high school fair where we recruit 8th graders to come to our school (and our engineering program), and most especially: our third annual STEM Competition is planned for November 18th!

So, endeavoring to combat the October and post-October craziness that leads to a lack of blog posts, I have decided (to attempt) to participate in NaBloPoMo! [See info here and here.] Though this may be doomed from the start (especially due to Thanksgiving and my college homecoming falling within the month of November), I shall make every effort to post each day for the entirety of this eleventh month.  And with my first post now done, here goes!



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5 responses to “A Post A Day for November?

  1. Quite an ambitious goal! I’ll be reading. I need some inspiration to start posting at a decent rate myself. If I can make it through all the accounting and driving around that is a Troop Cookie Manager’s obligation…

    • nyates314

      Hope I can make it! But even if not, I think I’ll be better off for trying. It helps also that another teacher at my school is going into this as well, at my side.

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