Sierpinski Triangle Print

Yesterday, the art club finished the work begun by my geometry students, creating a large Sierpinski Triangle using printing techniques. Thus ends the collaborative art/geometry fractal project described here. See the results below.

Sierpinski Triangle

Sierpinski Triangle

While contemplating the beauty of this fantastic fractal and counting the six steps (iterations) that made it, don’t forget to chime in with suggestions for lesson ideas relating to projectile motion and bombing. Math, physics, and engineering have an immediately apparent (to me anyway) connection to projectile motion, and history can be tied in through studying bombs (and bullets and cannon-fire) in modern (and older) warfare. But I’d especially love to hear ideas for other subjects like English (a relevant short story or poem, perhaps?), social studies classes like Psychology / Economics / American Government, Chemistry and Biology, and Spanish. Please suggest an idea or two back in the comments on yesterday’s post about Integrated Units!



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