Save the Words

After reading this Mental Floss piece, I decided to adopt a word. Being of a somewhat mathematical mindset, words relating to numbers held a strong attraction. I considered logarithmotechny (probably a lost art now that calculators are near-omnipresent), ducenarious (perfect to describe my memorization of digits of pi), and hemerine (an apt word for my blog posts for the month of November). Binoternary intrigued me, but the definition and sentence given did not make clear its full meaning, so I would worry about using it erroneously.

I decided to go with quadrimular: “lasting for four years”. A bit over a week ago, Marylanders re-elected Governor Martin O’Malley for a second quadrimular term. Much of my recent life has been divided in quadrimular segments: four years of high school, four years in college, and I recently passed the point where my employment with Baltimore City Public Schools exceeded being quadrimular.

So, in any event, here’s to celebrating new (and old) words! Check out and adopt a word yourself!



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