“Expanding Great Options”

Presented with minimal comment.

Expanding Great Options is the name chosen by Baltimore School CEO Dr. Alonso for school improvement/turnaround/closure. As outlined in the presentation (pptx) given to the School Board this evening, my school is being recommended for the EGO turnaround process.

The reasons given for why turnaround is needed, from that presentation (downloaded by me from the Board’s document repository):

•Growing English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) student population*
•The number of graduating 12th graders who passed the algebra and English HSA exams  in SY10 increased slightly from two years ago, but over the same time period the number of first-time test-takers who pass has declined from 129 to 40 in algebra and  111 to 86 in English.
•SY2010 climate survey results below district average (-8.5 percentage points)
•16 years in school improvement
•Opportunity to strengthen school partnerships and tradition
* Discussion of  international students at Moravia Park highlighted the importance of  reviewing programming for  ESOL/international students across all grade levels.

The CEO’s recommendations:

•Internal turnaround with possible new partnerships to expand school-based capacity to accelerate student achievement**
•Work to strengthen academy model to improve school climate and student engagement
•Establish specialized programming for incoming ESOL students grades 9-12, which extends supports for this student population through high school
** This recommendation may result in a change to the school’s Alternative Governance model.

As a side note, Moravia Park Elementary/Middle, with whom we share both the EGO turnaround recommendation and a large international student population, was recently highlighted by Baltimore City Schools for a new partnership with the local Giant supermarket. I expect we will be working closely together with Moravia Park over the next year(s) to develop plans and resources that will best support our English Language Learner students.



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