Math Teacher Survey

I just filled out this survey, created by Sean Sweeney and Kate Nowak to aggregate data and information about the online math teacher community, with the goal of  creating an entrance portal welcoming new math teachers to that community and showcasing all the resources it has (we have?) to offer.

You should go fill the survey out too! [direct link to survey]

In answering the survey questions, I noticed that the blog posts I tend to value the highest are ones with great activity ideas that I can use. I chose as “killer posts” Sam’s write-up of his pendulum lab and Kate’s discussion (with videos) on her use of the spaghetti sines activity. While I greatly appreciate Dan’s “What Can You Do With This?” series, I actually picked one of his posts on an opposite-of-exemplary lesson, due to its role in clarifying thinking on how to improve our instruction.

So, in that spirit of providing activities that are useful, the two posts of my own that I chose as “killer”, or at least pretty interesting, are: Shadows, Mirrors, Scale Models, and School Measurement and Puzzling Out Some Quadratics. Let me know if you agree or have other posts that are your favorites!


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