While I do think and plan ahead, I don’t actually do things often until the last minute.

In teaching, I am usually preparing that day’s materials in the morning. This is part of what brings me to school most days between 7:00 and 7:30am, more than an hour before the school day starts (except this semester, with first period planning, I’ve been slipping towards 8:00). [On a side note, I could not survive the way some schools have it, where you submit your pages to be copied by the secretary three days in advance!] While I do have a very clear and detailed picture in my mind of where I want to go, I usually leave the details (and powerpoint slides and photocopies and getting materials ready) until the day they are required. In manufacturing, this is called the Just-In-Time method!

With this blog, it has been the same way. Before this month, I would just sit down when I had an idea burning in my mind that I wanted to talk about or share (and time to do it in). I would hammer it out right then and there, do linkification research, proofread, and then click “Publish”. Occasionally I might jot down an outline when I didn’t have time for a full post, then save it as a draft to come back to and write another day.

This month, with my goal of blogging once a day for NaBloPoMo, I am surprised I’ve lasted this far with such an inclination toward procrastination (23 days down, 7 to go!). Again, I’ve sometimes saved ideas or an outline for a post in advance, but each day I find time to write and publish. Certainly my post length and quality have varied, and sometimes I’m running so last-minute that I publish that day’s post at 11:57pm.

But this week, Thanksgiving approaches, which means non-routine draws on my time and Internet non-connectivity (as well as time spent with friends and family).  So I am learning for the first time how to schedule a blog post to appear at a date and time other than right now! [Hint: it’s pretty easy.] I just successfully scheduled a Thanksgiving day post, and plan to schedule a few more before the night is out.

Here’s to conquering my procrastinative tendencies for once!



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2 responses to “Procrastination

  1. I’ve found it easier to write in bursts of 2-4 blog posts and schedule them for the next several days. I think that gets each one more attention than if I posted them all at once.

    At the beginning of the months I had several “drafts” (often no more than a link to an article worth commenting on), and I expected to use them up during November. I now have more such “drafts” than when I started NaBloPoMo.

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