Tips for Teaching English Language Learners

This week #ELLchat had one of the best topics of discussion yet (for my particular situation anyway): “Tips for preparing gen ed teachers for diversity in the classrooms”!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the value I get from #ELLchat, especially since the school where I teach has the largest (and ever-growing) population of English Language Learners of any school in Baltimore. I mostly just listened this time around, hoping to absorb as much as possible.

So, to preserve some of the great ideas and resources, here are all the tweets that I either starred (to come back to) or retweeted (to share):

@judiehaynes: I wrote this blog for tonight’s #ELLCHAT discussion: 7 Teaching Strategies for Mainstream Teachers of ELLs

@readtoday: I really like this 7point list. My favorite is be very visual . Use your hands & have students draw pictures for you #ELLchat

@judiehaynes: Assign buddies (who speaks the same language if possible) to new ELLs #ELLchat

@readtoday: Teachers need to interact with students enough to gauge how much they understand #ELLchat

@judiehaynes: Right use gestures, body language, drawings, pictures, realia to give message at Eng. lang. level of the student #ELLchat

@cybraryman1: Have Map of World with Flags for Student &Teacher Country Origins: My Multicultural page: #ELLchat

@KarenNemethEdM: #ELLCHAT here’s a book: Not for ESOL Teachers: What Every Classroom Teacher Needs to Know about…Diverse Student Eileen Whelan Ariza 2nd ed

@eshwaranv: I’d prefer making it into a mind map with key words and pictures. Improves learning and vocabulary. #ELLchat

@readtoday: Project based learning can also help #ELLchat

@cybraryman1: Email Around the World Project: #ellchat #kinderchat

@KarenNemethEdM: teachers need deeper understanding of interdependence of vocabulary & concept learning to be successful wi/ELLs #ELLchat

@judiehaynes: PBL and cooperative groups also work very well. it gives ELLs real reasons to communicate. #ELLchat

@KarenNemethEdM: Also – have you seen this article #ELLCHAT?

@EllBillofRights#ellchat FYI for mainstream teachers: An online course about EL approach to teaching

@KariDalane: Yes! That’s super important. Give them time to process and find the words #ellchat

@PreKlanguages: Explanations and expectations need to be articulated explicitly and completely. #ELLCHAT

@readtoday: RT @EllBillofRights#ellchat We should invite mainstream teachers to join our chat, they can ask us questions &learn. (Excellent idea!)

@judiehaynes:Next week’s #ELLCHAT – How to combat anti-immigrant sentiments in schools and in local communities.

I hope you find some of these ideas or links useful!


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