Blogging Month Complete!

Wow, I can’t believe I made it through National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)! Coming into this, I figured that I had less than a fifty percent chance of getting through the month with daily posts, especially with being busy at work preparing for the STEM Competition and the high school fair, and with Thanksgiving travel plans getting in the way.

Somehow, I ended up posting every single day. I learned how to schedule posts in advance, which got me through the holiday. And I did meet my goal of writing shorter, more manageable posts rather than feeling like I have to write a ten-page essay for every post. In November, I more than doubled my total number of blog posts, from 28 in the entire year-plus that I’d been blogging until then, to 58 now (this one makes 59!).

Even though the month is over, here I am posting again! Do anticipate that the post rate will drop, but I expect (hope) to keep a more frequent pace than before November. Perhaps two posts a week instead of one post every two weeks?

In any case, since I know my own Google Reader is often stuffed with great things to read that I don’t always get to right away (or at all: once or twice I’ve skimmed and gone on a spring-cleaning of “Marking As Read”), I thought I’d take a moment and highlight some of my better posts from NaBloPoMo.

  • STEM Day is always a highlight of my year, so my blog post about it is quite exuberant and exclamation-mark-filled, but still has some valuable and exciting ideas that I’d love to see used by others!
  • For those interested in Baltimore education news or in national ed reform, I’m proud of my description of the ‘groundbreaking’ new teachers’ contract.
  • A pair of posts about the role of proof in teaching mathematics: the first is my opinion on proofs and mathematical thinking, and the second works through the mathematical thought process used to solve a challenging example in a way I’d like to see occurring more in math classes in high school.
  • Another post pair, concerning difficulties and successes encountered in teaching a unit on fractals.

Enjoy reading or re-reading these November nuggets, and see you again in a few days (after a brief blog break)!


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