Today is our third snow day in a row. While I am impatient to get the new semester started, I understand that many people are still without power (according to BGE, this storm while only 10″ created more power outages than our 45″ last February), the streets and sidewalks are very slippery, and some side streets are still not plowed. Today would also have been not so good as a kick-off to the new classes and new semester, with the combination of snow and Friday-after-four-days-off creating low attendance. So I look forward to meeting my new students and having an amazing first day on Monday.

In my time off, I’ve created multimedia syllabi with Prezi for both my Algebra 2 / Trigonometry (A2T) and Principles of Engineering (POE) classes. Also, I appreciate the feedback and comments on my A2T and POE skills lists, and I’m still making modifications to those lists, so any additional conversation is welcome!

Have a joyful day!



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4 responses to “Snow

  1. AWESOME digital syllabi! I think I may do something like this at the beginning of next year. The cold was bad down here in AL/GA as well. I drove on the interstate and almost lost it under a bridge where ice had collected.

    • nyates314

      Thanks! Just wanted to try something a bit different since students are seeing (boring) syllabi in all classes that first day. But without getting rid of the syllabus entirely, since it contains important information that students need to have and know.

      I know the weather has been odd this year. We just had our fifth snow day yesterday, after a 75 degree day three days before. And places that never get more than a dusting of snow (like your locale) got hit heavily. Glad you recovered control in time!

  2. This is impressive. Dare I ask how much time it took to put the Algebra 2 prezi together?

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    • nyates314

      Thanks! I’d say each took me about 2 hours. I had put a Geometry one together last fall so I wasn’t starting entirely from scratch (e.g. classroom rules/procedures). That very first one probably took me longer, maybe 3-3.5 hours.

      Plus I had three (snow) days to kill! Not sure if both would have been ready for our first day had Semester 2 started on time. 🙂

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