First Stop on Route 20

Wild Willy's Burgers, of Watertown MA

Although I have not yet begun my US Route 20 road trip, I did head up to Rte 20 on Saturday. I visited my friend Matt at the restaurant he assistant-manages, Wild Willy’s. Wild Willy’s is right at the intersection of Rte 20 and Arsenal Street in Watertown, MA.

Location of Wild Willy's in Watertown

I caught up with Matt, who has been a good friend since preschool. We talked about his recent trips to Belgium and San Francisco, and my upcoming trip to San Francisco. We also compared our new cars (both environmentally conscious), and talked about the restaurant business and teaching.

I had an excellent burger, the “Rio Grande”, with cheddar cheese and green chiles on top! It was made with Vermont grass-fed beef, and the other ingredients were local (New England) too, except for the green chiles, which came from New Mexico. The onion rings were great too. And I enjoyed the mural we sat in front of, showing a western scene with cattle. Perhaps I’ll see this very scene on my trip out west in a few days!

Cattle Mural at Wild Willy's

More photos I took Saturday can be found here.



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