Boston to Sloansville

Leaving Boston, I drove west along Route 20, through Massachusetts and into New York.

Map of Route 20 from Boston, MA to Sloansville, NY

In Boston, 20 goes right through the main campus of Boston University. I took a photo of the first Rte 20 road sign I saw (there are no markers in Kenmore Square):

US Route 20, near its start, at BU

I drove past my friend’s restaurant, Wild Willy’s, but it was before they opened for the day. Four towns in a row had names beginning with ‘W’: Watertown, Waltham, Weston, and Wayland! Route 20 wound its way through central/southern Massachusetts, alongside and criss-crossing I-90 most of the way. 20 goes south of Worcester and through Springfield–Mass’s second and third most populous cities.

Starting in Lee, I took a scenic side trip off Route 20, to see Tyringham Valley.

Tyringham Valley (Breakneck Road)

I followed the route highlighted in National Geographic’s Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways, which I am bringing along on my journey. It goes from Lee to Tyringham to Monterey to Great Barrington, around Beartown State Forest; then I cycled around to Stockbridge and back to Lee, where I rejoined 20. Along the way I saw Santarella, the “Gingerbread House” that belonged to sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson.

Santarella, the Gingerbread House of Tyringham

Rte 20 enters New York state at the town of New Lebanon, where my aunt used to teach elementary school.

Entering New York

From there it goes right through downtown Albany, New York’s capital city:

Albany Skyline

Many of my relatives live in or around Albany, NY, so this is a section of 20 I know well. I stopped my Rte 20 travels for the day in Sloansville, NY, about 30 miles west of Albany, and visited with my grandmother who lives near there.

More photos I took Tuesday can be found here.



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