Buffalo to Cleveland

On Friday I traveled from Buffalo to Cleveland. See all photos here.

I saw many vineyards and wineries in western New York. Soon I was entering Pennsylvania.

Into Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, I stopped at a farmstand for raspberries. Then, in Erie, PA, I took a side trip north onto Presque Isle. There I saw the lighthouse, and had a picnic out on the beach. I walked out and dipped my toes in the water of Lake Erie.

Presque Isle beach & Lake Erie

I continued driving along into Ohio.

Entering Ohio

In Mentor, OH, I felt compelled to stop when I saw the James A Garfield National Historic Site, as Garfield was the only graduate of my alma mater, Williams College, to become president.

Garfield Plaque and Historical Marker

Garfield, the 20th president of the US, is mostly known for having been assassinated and thereby having the second shortest presidency (darn you, William Henry Harrison!). But I was interested to learn he had also been a teacher before entering politics. And, as I have mentioned before, he is the only president to have found a new proof to the Pythagorean Theorem! His wallpaper, shown below, has several mathematical-ish patterns:

Lawnfield Wallpaper

Garfield’s home in Mentor is known as Lawnfield. This was the site of his famous “front porch” campaign, where visitors traveled to his front porch to hear him speak (this was more-active campaigning than most presidents before him did, though certainly less-active than today!). Garfield’s wife saved his books and correspondence after he died, creating one of the first (non-sanctioned) presidential libraries here at Lawnfield.


Traveling into Cleveland, I passed through the town of Euclid, named after a mathematician. Route 20, going through Euclid as well as on both sides of it, is called Euclid Avenue. I just had to take a photo of the street sign!

Euclid Ave

In Cleveland, Rte 20 goes right through the downtown Public Square. I took a photo of Terminal Tower, once the tallest American building outside New York City, which stands on the square.

Terminal Tower, Public Square, Cleveland, OH



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4 responses to “Buffalo to Cleveland

  1. Euclid Ave. goes right through the center of my alma mater – CWRU.

  2. nyates314

    Cool – I noticed CWRU signs as I was driving by!

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