Chicago to Sioux City

On the 4th of July I drove from Chicago, Illinois, to Sioux City, Iowa.

In Illinois, Route 20 is called the US Grant Memorial Highway.

Route 20 - Grant Highway, Illinois

I crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa. There was no “Welcome to Iowa” sign, just a sign for the city of Dubuque.

Entering Iowa

[Don’t worry; I didn’t take that picture from my car while hurtling over the bridge at 50mph. I parked in Dubuque and walked back over the bridge. It’s blurry because the bridge was vibrating with all the traffic.]

Here’s the  bridge I crossed, from East Dubuque, IL, to Dubuque, IA.

Bridge over the Mississippi

The Mississippi River itself is a pretty spectacular sight for those of us used to smaller rivers and streams.

Mississippi River, taken from the Rte 20 bridge

Mississippi River from the Iowa side

I was driving in the evening, and saw several different towns’ fireworks near Fort Dodge, IA.

More pictures from today are here.



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