Officially, U.S. Route 20 has two segments: one ending at the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and the other starting up again at the west entrance.

But that’s only because there are no sign markers of any routes inside Yellowstone: there are indeed clear roads joining the two entrances, so I like to think of Rte 20 going through the park itself, rather than be composed of two disjoint pieces. Some other people think the same way.

Soon after entering Yellowstone, I saw mountains and a miniature waterfall.

Near Yellowstone's East Entrance

I spent a few days in the Yellowstone area, as it is too big to see in one day! The first day I drove through was in the evening around sunset.

Sunset over Yellowstone Lake

I saw a mud volcano.

Mud Volcano

And the Dragon’s Mouth Spring, a cave where steam came bursting out regularly:

I took a walk through the Porcelain Basin, full of geysers, steam vents, and hot springs. Some were colorful due to the thermophilic algae and bacteria living in them!

Porcelain Basin, part of the Norris Geyser Basins

I spent some time as well at Mammoth Hot Springs, which is a heavily-calcified area.

Mammoth Hot Springs

I saw a petrified redwood tree:

Petrified Tree

Perhaps my favorite part of Yellowstone was going for a hike along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River (not to be confused with The Grand Canyon, in Arizona). I started at the Lower Falls:

It is a very steep edge, dropping 1000 feet to the Yellowstone River. So walking along the edge was exhilarating.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River

My walk ended at Inspiration Point. It was very, very windy there!

Inspiration Point, with the Yellowstone River visible 1000 feet below!

Finally, I rounded out my visit by stopping at Old Faithful.

Old Faithful Geyser (not erupting, just steaming)

I took tons of pictures while at Yellowstone. See my album for about 70 more photos, and check out my other videos too.



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