Back in Bmore

Leaving Missouri, I traveled through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio again. Into West Virginia and Pennsylvania (making PA the state I visited most on this trip: 3 times!).

And, after 38 days of travel, I arrived back in Maryland. Driving through Pennsylvania and Maryland along U.S. Route 40, I saw signs like this about the once-planned and partially-executed National Road:

Historic National Road, Pennsylvania

Coming in to Baltimore along I-70, I once again found myself at the end of a cross-country highway. [Y’all of course remember the beginning of 70 a few posts ago in Utah.] Here I am near the eastern terminus of I-70:

I-70: Freeway Ends 1/2 mile

And here is the sign for the final exit on I-70, at which “all traffic must exit”:

I-70: Last Exit

Here’s a little history on why I-70 ends where it does, instead of connecting to I-95 and I-83 as originally planned. I-70 was planned to go through west Baltimore, including several parks, and end downtown meeting those other interstates. Due to community protests that this would hurt the parks and community (including related protests led by not-yet-Senator Barbara Mikulski), I-70 stopped where it was right on the edge of Baltimore City. Some pieces had already been built, including part of the I-170 leg that was to connect 70 to Baltimore’s business district, now known as the Highway to Nowhere. The Highway to Nowhere has been back in the news recently, as to whether it is being demolished, or not really.

Having left I-70, I saw a sign for its beginning in the other direction:

Sign for I-70 West

And now I was home.

Baltimore bench



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