NaBloPoMo Year Two, Here I Come!

Hi all,

I know it’s been a while.

All sorts of things going on at my school, many of them awesome! It feels like more work than ever—I know I didn’t put in quite so many 12- and 13-hour days last year—, but it takes a lot of work to help build a great school. [More updates on school stuff soon, I promise!]

One downside to being so busy and overwhelmed with work is less time for my blog ūüė¶ . I haven’t posted in almost two months.

So, to get myself back in the habit of posting ,I thought I’d go from one extreme to another (what’s the opposite of quitting cold turkey?): jump into a commitment to post every day for the month of November!

You may recall that I tried this last November, my first foray into National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo, a la NaNoWriMo). At the start of the month, I was not sure I could make it. Especially considering that my blog at that time had fewer than 30 posts total from more than a year of writing, and here I was attempting to double that within a month!

But somehow or other, I made it through the month. Some days I only managed a really short post, like a picture with a one-paragraph description. I also learned how to schedule a post in advance, which I had never done before that month. That really helped me cover the very-busy or otherwise-focused parts of the month, including Thanksgiving. But I successfully posted every day in November 2010.

This evening, I talked it over with some other Baltimore education¬†devotees on Twitter, and we agreed to help motivate each other to post more. So, with them as my blog buddies, I’m officially announcing my intent to join in NaBloPoMo for my second November, and post something every day for a month!

If you’re curious and might want to try it out too, check out the FAQ and news about NaBloPoMo, and also my post explaining why I attempted it last year. You can register with the official folks (see the “news” link last sentence) or stay under their radar and just post each day for a month. It’s always more fun when more people are involved, so give it a try!



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10 responses to “NaBloPoMo Year Two, Here I Come!

  1. A plan and a commitment – looks good! I’m getting my NaBloMoPo account activated and then I’ll be official. We’ll see who else joins as we hit November!

    a parent – blogging from

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