Kicking Off November

November is here! A much better month than October. October is overwhelmed with the craziness of a new school year (craziness that was hiding away in September as students and teachers get to know one another). In November, the amount of work doesn’t get any less, but we’re getting back into the swing of things. A rhythm and some semblance of normalcy is established, enough to carry on with other things–like blogging!

As mentioned in my recent post, I plan to do my second annual NaBloPoMo this November! That means a post every day. Be ready for wide swings in post quality and themes, like last year: anything from a just a picture with captioning paragraph, to a manifesto on proofs with example, to descriptions of lessons, to Baltimore City education politics. While not every post will be a masterpiece, the point of writing every day is to get words flowing so that some quality writing may appear.

Coming up in November are some great events and topics that I plan to address, including:

  • STEM Competition (our 4th annual!) – see more info under the STEM tab above if you are unfamiliar with the awesomeness that this entails
  • My school’s recruitment fair and open house
  • The citywide School Choice Fair
  • Election Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • 11.11.11
  • Work-based learning opportunities for our students
  • College and scholarship applications for our engineering seniors
  • Where my time is going
  • What it’s like working in a turnaround school
  • Recruitment and marketing steps we are taking
  • A look back at our first Industry Partners Breakfast
  • Several professional development trainings, conferences, and webinars
  • How to find money, grants, donations, and/or find ways to work without them
  • Lessons relating to robotic arms, triangles, circles, etc.
  • Our teachers’ contract, one year later

Let me know if you have another topic you’d like me to address, and/or which of the above is most interesting or important to you!

Also, don’t forget to check out my co-conspirators on this daily blogging project: A Parent, Bmore Schools, Epiphany in Baltimore, and Smallest Twine. They are on my blogroll at right, but are so awesome that you should add them to your own link list or blog reader. In addition to providing one another moral support and encouragement in daily blogging, I hope we engage each other in conversations across our blogs. This is a chance to rekindle some passionate but respectful discourse about education in Baltimore.

Happy November, everyone!


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One response to “Kicking Off November

  1. What a great list of topics! City Schools issues (like the contract, turnaround and the choice fair) should spark discussion.
    If you talk about college apps, I’d love to hear some lessons learned about the later parts of the process (applying for scholarships, choosing the right college after you get acceptances, what past students come back and tell you about college).
    I’m looking forward to having lot’s to read this month!

    A BCPSS parent –

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