Maryland Moustache Madness

I’ve decided to join several other teachers at my school this month in growing a mustache to raise money f0r our school and our students.

Here I am on shaving day, November 1st:

This was the first time in more than seven years that I’ve felt the breeze on my chin! (My About Page has a picture of me with my normal facial hair.)

Please visit my fundraising page:
and consider supporting one of the projects there with a donation. The projects I’m supporting through my mustache include several from my school, as well as others in Baltimore City that I find interesting or important. Need more info on the general idea of the Mustaches For Kids campaign? Click here.

Here I am today, nearly a week later, with the beginnings of a moustache (sometimes I like to vary it up with the European spelling):
Please support my moustache & Baltimore’s students by donating, and please support my partners in blogging by visiting & commenting on their blogs at:


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