Long Day

Today is shaping up to be an extremely long day at work, in part because I will be away from school the next two days at a conference and training.

Got in this morning at 6:45am, since I had so much to do. And I’m writing this from school at 8:30pm. So apologies in advance that this is not an awesome post.

I created a “To Do” list to help me get through everything. Here’s what my day was like today:

  • Write/send STEM Competition letter to potential engineer judges
  • Write/send STEM Competition email to our entire school
  • Create STEM judge sign-up sheet
  • STEM invite to news organizations → Ms. S
  • Email about Free and Reduced-priced Meals data (for AOE)
  • Call about Free and Reduced-priced Meals data (for AOE)
  • Email about student enrollment data (for AOE)
  • Get flyers for this Saturday’s School Recruitment Fair from various color printers around the school
  • Distribute flyers to teachers & students to be hung up in neighborhood locations
  • Get students to attend and help with Saturday’s Recruitment Fair
  • Decide on hands-on activity for Saturday’s recruitment Fair
  • Grade Geometry work from the past week
  • Send off attendance letters for all my students from the month of October
  • Give printer drivers to another teacher
  • Plan a lesson for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
  • Plan a lesson for Geometry
  • Teach CIM
  • Lunchtime coach class for students needing extra help
  • Teach Geometry
  • After-school coach class for student needing to make up a quiz
  • Attend MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement after-school club which I co-advise)
  • Attend planning meeting for this Saturday’s Recruitment Fair
  • Follow up with teacher and students on student resumes for job shadowing
  • Meet with another teacher to make sure everything’s on track for our STEM Competition next week
  • Return phone call from a teacher at another school about transportation to our STEM Competition
  • Plan lessons to leave with sub for tomorrow and Friday
  • Take a pre-test for thir Friday’s training at CCBC
  • Print CCBC Parking Pass
  • Complete homework for my class at the Baltimore Museum of Industry / MCCTES / UMES
Two things on my list that I didn’t get to:
  • Go over AOE Data with our lead principal
  • Begin our new year’s AOE Binder

Still, I’m proud I accomplished all twenty-nine things on the upper list!

Hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxed — I’m headed to a conference here in Baltimore with other National Academy Foundation schools from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and DC.

Have a good night!


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