Another Long Day

I hate to sound monotonous complaining that I’m exhausted after another long day. I think my posts are declining in quality even worse than last year, but I keep my own pep talk in mind.

Today I spent the bulk of my time preparing for tomorrow’s visit from the National Academy Foundation. They will be evaluating our progress and helping us develop a plan to keep our Academy of Engineering moving forward this year. I made some nice graphs out of data, circulated some talking points, created new sections for our AOE binder, and added items to those sections. I printed, punched holes, & put away. I typed up some notes that I hadn’t gotten around to for weeks. And I prepared some folders to hand out to our guests.

Anyway, though I don’t have the energy for a long and thoughtful post, do go over and check out the amazing A BCPSS Parent who writes Surviving the System. Send some words of encouragement that way, as A BCPSS Parent has managed to post every single day in #NaBloPoMo November so far! And, though a day or two may have been missed here or there, also check out the awesome bloggers at BmoreSchoolsEpiphany in Baltimore, & The Smallest Twine who are hanging in with lots of posts this month!

Also, here’s a photo of me, three weeks into Mustaches for Kids month:

Without a smile, do I look a little bit like Baltimore’s own Edgar A Poe? No, maybe not. 🙂

Oh well, click this link or the mustachioed crab at right to support educational supplies for Bmore’s kids!


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