November in CIM

Within the past month (stretching back a bit into October), we’ve been working on two major projects:

CNC Programming and Mill Use

CNC-Milled Initials, Fall 2011

To complete this project, students first designed their initials (out of straight lines and arcs), plotted points’ coordinates, learned how to operate the CNC Mill properly and safely, programmed in G&M Code, troubleshot their problems via a code verification software, and then milled their blocks.

Robotic Arm Programming & Use

Robotic Arm, Stacking Three Blocks, Fall 2011 - Could still use a little adjustment on block alignment

For the robotic arm, students work through a scaffolded sequence of activities: from programming the arm to pick up and move a block, to the difference between recording and teaching positions, to stacking three cylinders, to stacking three cubes using trigonometrically-calculated roll angles, to moving the robot linearly vs. circularly vs. by joint, to using variables and loops, to using inputs and outputs, to using variables and loops and subroutines and inputs and outputs simultaneously. In addition, we look at the history of robotics and automation, and learn the parts and types of robotic arms.

Robotic Arm, Circular & Linear Motion, Spelling Out Letters - It was very difficult to get the right grip on the marker so it was the right height and didn't angle itself upon contact with the paper


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