Thanksgiving Travel

A few notes from this holiday’s travel.

I did manage an 8-hour day on Wednesday (go me!). But rather than travel a long distance that afternoon after a full day of work, probably with lots of traffic, I took a longish nap and then drove up to visit with family Thanksgiving morning. Here’s the sun rising on Thanksgiving day, from somewhere in Pennsylvania:

Thanksgiving Sunrise

After visiting family and friends in Massachusetts and New York, I headed back to Baltimore. Driving back, I took U.S. Route 11 rather than I-81, to see more interesting sights than the interstate had to offer. [For context, see also: my trip on US 20 and this post about driving.] I have taken 11 before on occasion, but I saw some new things today.

U.S. 11 goes through downtown Binghamton, where I saw Occupy protesters camped out in tents.

Occupy Binghamton

I saw the Tunkhannock Viaduct, an amazingly tall and massive railroad bridge.

Tunkhannock Viaduct, northeast PA

For much of its length in Pennsylvania, Route 11 travels along the Susquehanna River or its tributary the Lackawanna River. Here’s a view of the Susquehanna, though not actually from U.S. 11, but instead from New York Route 7, east of Binghamton.

Susquehanna River, Nineveh, NY

I traveled along Highway 11 , from Binghamton, to Scranton, to Harrisburg. There I joined I-83 into Baltimore.

And now I’m back home! A few more pictures are here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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