What it’s like at school this week:

It’s a hundred three degrees

The radio says a storm front’s movin’ in

Sure is hot.

There’s a lot of classes down at the school

But everybody’s just too hot

And besides, the air conditionin’s broke [or non existent].

– With apologies to Bette Midler and her version of Bruce Sprinsteen’s E Street Shuffle

I heard of a teacher at my school who measured a temperature of 103 degrees today; I’m uncertain if it was in their classroom or in a hallway. The building itself retains heat badly — I’ve walked in at 6:30 some days this week, when it’s still fairly cool outside, and I walk up the stairs to sign in at the main office (air conditioned), then I walk out of the main office onto the second floor ramp, and the heat just hits me like a wall.

Anyway, this week has been a good start to the year, except for the heat.


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