Well, I guess I haven’t announced it here yet, so here goes:

My school received certification this summer from the National Academy Foundation, and is now an official Academy of Engineering (AOE)!

One of my colleagues designed these two slides (powerpoint) (or here’s a google docs version). The first slide highlights the news above (and our claim to fame as the first and only Baltimore school certified both by PLTW and AOE); the second lists some benefits for our students. Go check it out.

In personal news, this is my first year not teaching any math. I’ve been doing various ratios of engineering to math courses from year to year, but this is the first year the denominator has fallen out of the picture and the ratio has blown up to infinity! It’s too early in the year to say I miss the math yet after just two weeks, but I know I will soon (you could probably tell even in that last sentence, with talk of ratios and denominators and infinities, couldn’t you?). This semester, I’m teaching just one prep, two sections of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and spending the rest of my time on coordinating/improving our AOE.

I’m also happy since the weather’s been cooler the last few days! Hope your school years are off to a good start too.


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