It’s Pi Day!!!.

It’s that time of year again: spring is almost here, and you can almost feel a warm mathematical breeze on the air. It’s…

Pi Day!!!.

Since the number pi (π) is approximately 3.14, and today is 3/14, today is sort of a mathematical holiday. (You may have noticed that I’ve included approximately 3.14 exclamation points above and in the post title!)

I started my celebration this morning with some coffee iced with pi-shaped ice cubes:

Pi Iced Coffee

Pi Iced Coffee

Additionally, I noticed today that I follow exactly 314 people on twitter:

Hey look - I'm following about 100pi people!

Hey look – I’m following about 100pi people!

(OK, I admit, I followed one new person today to get that to work out 🙂 )

Today, in addition to celebrating both the number pi and all sorts of mathematics, it’s time to start getting ready for the best pi day celebration of our lifetimes, which will be held in two years: 3/14/15 at time 9:26:53. This will be a much more accurate representation of pi than we celebrated just over an hour ago (at 3/14 1:59). Though perhaps we missed an even bigger party four centuries ago on 3/14/1592 6:53:58.

A few notes, links, and cool things for this pi day:

  • Math geeks can even talk about their mania for this amazing number in the form of a palindrome: “I PREFER PI”!
  • It seems that pi day is getting more popular: Companies like Oreo and GE are getting in on the action!
  • Check out this video, where a few people use actual pies to calculate pi (from :

Lastly, I hope you all can read (and would agree with) the following t-shirt, tweeted by NSBE:

Picture from NSBE

Picture from NSBE


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