Snow Day!

What it’s like on the morning of most snow days:

Check the weather the night before. Think we’ll probably have a snow day since Maryland schools tend to close for anything above a dusting of snow. Check the school closings and see a few counties and/or private schools have called it already.

Have a hard time getting to sleep, as visions of snowstorms dance through my head.

Wake up too early (2am today, sometimes as late as 3 or 4, but invariably before my 4:30-5:30 normal routine). Check for updates on weather and closings, but don’t find any because it is too early for them to make the call.

Find something to do to kill time — watch a TV show, read news, read through my twitter feed for interesting articles. In addition, have three tabs open that I’m refreshing every few minutes: Foot’s Forecast Central Maryland facebook page, my Maryland twitter list, and WBAL’s school closings list.

Slowly see the closings trickle in from the other counties (i.e. school districts). Start to think it’s very likely we’ll be closed since all the other counties are closed, but Baltimore City Public Schools waits until the last possible second to make the call, and has thrown me for a loop before. The tension mounts.

Start to wonder if I should make coffee, shower, & otherwise get ready for work, since Baltimore City still hasn’t called it. Delay past the time I normally would get out of bed since there’s still a chance for them to call it off.

After almost resigning myself to going in, refresh one last time and see BCPSS is closed! Usually called at approximately 5:29am, and the last of all the surrounding counties.

Celebrate that I get a snow day. Hooray!



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