#teach180, part 1

As I mentioned in my New Year 2016 post, I am posting a photo most school days.

This year I am thinking I shall try to keep up with #teach180 on Twitter, posting a photo tweet every school day (more explanation here).

Some are photos of my students, others are photos of projects they are working on, others are screen captures of lessons or tools that I use, others are more random (a new art piece on the wall at my school that I really liked).

My goal is one photo (and caption) every day on twitter. I have already missed a few days, but here are my first two weeks:

  • Day 1, digital syllabus
  • Day 2, my classroom
  • Day 3, origami balloons in CIM
  • Day 5, map mosaic
  • Day 6, course homepage on LMS
  • Day 8, helping teachers build web pages
  • Day 9, students making music on Raspberry Pi

Happy teaching!


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