#teach180, part 2

Weeks 3-6:

  • Day 11, software installs
  • Day 12, art everywhere
  • Day 13, AP CSP daily agenda
  • Day 14, Sonic Pi (video)
  • Day 16, using Computer Vision to find lines and circles
  • Day 17, trash on the floor
  • Day 18, 6th Annual Back To School Night & Community Fair
  • Day 19, OneNote for class collaboration & a calendar look ahead
  • Day 20, cake from celebration honoring my colleague
  • Day 21, Comp Hydro training (video)
  • Day 22, design flaws
  • Day 24, my colleague on ABC2 news (video link)
  • Day 25, my students on the news (video link)
  • Day 26, sunrise in the city
  • Day 28, nighttime with moon and lights from the school parking lot

Part 1 (weeks 1-2) can be found here.


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