CS Ed Week, Part 2

To continue with my post from 12/4, a few more emails for Computer Science Education Week 2017!

Thu 12/7: Hour of Code week almost over!

Hi Patterson peeps,

Just a reminder that we are nearing the end of Computer Science Education Week. I hope you have all had the chance to try out one of the awesome lessons yourself and with your classes (or have plans to do so today or tomorrow!).


I leave you with this:

Fri 12/8: Last push – Hour of Code!

As Computer Science Education Week draws to a close this weekend, let me leave you with three resources, two facts, and one reminder:


  1. new video from code.org in which basketball star Stephen Curry talks about coding and persistence
  2. A video produced last year, called “Computer Science is Changing Everything”, that really hits home that CS is found in every field, from agriculture to medicine to dance
  3. If you’re not able to do a whole hour of code, check out this five-minutes-of-code  activity in which you can design your own snowflake and holiday card (with thanks to Mr. Callahan)


  1. CS Education Week was founded in honor of Admiral Grace Hopper, one of the pioneers of computer science, whose birthday is tomorrow 12/9 (if alive, she would be 111 years old tomorrow, which is sort-of a binary age!)
  2. Coding is for everyone, in the same way writing is for everyone, a way “to organize, express, and share ideas in new ways, in a new medium” (okay, maybe that’s an opinion and not a fact, but seriously, check out this interview with Mitch Resnick from MIT, it may change the way you think about coding).
  1. Don’t forget to send me student names and have your students who do the Hour of Code complete the survey!
Happy holidays, and happy coding!
Nick Yates

Finally, here’s a photo of my colleagues and I encouraging everyone to “Code Like a Girl”:


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