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Recycling Center Project

A model recycling center, fully automated according to students’ program.

[Not my main post tonight, but I wanted to break the blog silence and post these videos here, since I’m so proud of what my students accomplished! This is mostly just copied & pasted from an email I sent a month ago to a bunch of teachers & administrators at my school:]

Take a look at the videos linked below, about 2 minutes each. These are ninth graders, who have successfully built and written a computer program to control a model recycling center! The recycling centers automatically sort marbles in the same way actual recycling centers sort aluminum from glass from plastic. I am very proud of my students, and impressed with their results at synthesizing design, construction, wiring, and their knowledge of computer logic & programming (they’ve gone further with this project than past classes have).
One really cool piece is that the students in the first and third video took the initiative to learn a totally new set of equipment and programming language on their own. I tried to learn with them, but I had no prior experience or expertise with the robotics/automation kits they were using (called VEX), nor with the RobotC programming language that controls that equipment.
[I’m getting training in VEX and RobotC today and tomorrow, which is why I thought to post this now.]

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