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Hot Days of September

I know that I am super-lucky to have a classroom with two working air conditioners. But 90%+ of teachers and students in my school are not so lucky, and have to teach and learn in very inhospitable conditions. One teacher at my school recorded a temperature of 114° in her classroom this past Monday, and my school had the honor (or misfortune) of being written up in the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday:

Sun article: “Baltimore classrooms top 100 degrees: ‘It was impossible to learn.'”

114 degrees

Caption from Baltimore Sun: “A thermometer reads 114 degrees in a classroom at Patterson High School on Monday in this photograph posted on Twitter by Patterson English teacher Allison Greco. (Allison Greco)”

Issues of heat and cold and dilapidated building are not new to Baltimore, nor to this blog:

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What it’s like at school this week:

It’s a hundred three degrees

The radio says a storm front’s movin’ in

Sure is hot.

There’s a lot of classes down at the school

But everybody’s just too hot

And besides, the air conditionin’s broke [or non existent].

– With apologies to Bette Midler and her version of Bruce Sprinsteen’s E Street Shuffle

I heard of a teacher at my school who measured a temperature of 103 degrees today; I’m uncertain if it was in their classroom or in a hallway. The building itself retains heat badly — I’ve walked in at 6:30 some days this week, when it’s still fairly cool outside, and I walk up the stairs to sign in at the main office (air conditioned), then I walk out of the main office onto the second floor ramp, and the heat just hits me like a wall.

Anyway, this week has been a good start to the year, except for the heat.


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