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Newest Math Teachers at Play!

Hi all!

I expect many readers of this blog may also be familiar with the two math carnivals:  rambling celebrations of all things mathematical that wander monthly among math and math-teacher blogs.  The Carnival of Mathematics (CoM) is explained here; it occurs the first Friday of each month.  Math Teachers at Play (MTaP), with the same period but nicely out-of-phase with the CoM (the cosine to CoM’s sine) occurs on third Fridays of each month, and is housed here.

Well, this months MTaP is up over at Denise’s blog Let’s Play Math.

Here are a few interesting new posts I discovered there:

  • Whit poses an interesting answer to the question What is Algebra? “Students should think of algebra not as a set of rules for solving things. . .”
  • Meanwhile, Pat presents A Guest Blog (Rant?) from Dave Renfro about Pi Day in the news.
  • Eldhose posts a nice assortment of puzzles, too. Kitten impressed me by getting the Coffee machine right, and who wouldn’t chuckle at a rate puzzle which begins: “If a boy and a half eat a hot dog and a half in a minute and a half. . .”
  • Now, there are also a ton of other gems up there.  Some I came across before the carnival, for example because they were in my rss reader, or because I follow on Twitter the folks who wrote them.  So please don’t just take my suggestions/discoveries but head on over to Math Teachers at Play to explore on your own!

    Lastly, I couldn’t agree more with this recommendation for a fantastic series of New York Times articles on popular mathematics:

  • If you haven’t been following the Opinionator math columns, take a look at the latest: Square Dancing. And then go back and read them all.
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