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#teach180, part 3

Weeks 7-11:

  • Day 31: robot brought in for demo for our engineering advisory committee
  • Day 32: Students staying after school for an intense CyberPatriot practice round!
  • Day 34: Finding errors in G&M code for computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling
  • Day 35: Driving home via the original Washington Monument
  • Day 36: Students presented research on different types of manufacturing processes in class
  • Day 37: teaching G&M codes for students to carve out their initials and a nice sunset
  • Day 39: Two teams securing virtual computers at yesterday’s CyberPatriot competition practice round
  • Day 40: In computer science class, students making their first app: the Magic Trick
  • Day 41: Students working on a bandsaw and on CNC milling simulation software during their lunch period today
  • Day 42: First blocks machined on the CNC mill today!
  • Day 43: A closeup of a block in the CNC mill after machining
  • Day 44: More initials plotted, programmed, and milled out today, then a nice view of the Washington Monument at night
  • Day 45: More blocks designed, programmed, and machined on the computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill
  • Day 46: Beautiful sunrise on drive to work this morning, then some interesting cityscapes w/ 2-point-perspective posted in hall
  • Day 48: Getting ready for the STEM Competition
  • Day 49: 8th Annual STEM Competition!

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#teach180, part 2

Weeks 3-6:

  • Day 11, software installs
  • Day 12, art everywhere
  • Day 13, AP CSP daily agenda
  • Day 14, Sonic Pi (video)
  • Day 16, using Computer Vision to find lines and circles
  • Day 17, trash on the floor
  • Day 18, 6th Annual Back To School Night & Community Fair
  • Day 19, OneNote for class collaboration & a calendar look ahead
  • Day 20, cake from celebration honoring my colleague
  • Day 21, Comp Hydro training (video)
  • Day 22, design flaws
  • Day 24, my colleague on ABC2 news (video link)
  • Day 25, my students on the news (video link)
  • Day 26, sunrise in the city
  • Day 28, nighttime with moon and lights from the school parking lot

Part 1 (weeks 1-2) can be found here.

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#teach180, part 1

As I mentioned in my New Year 2016 post, I am posting a photo most school days.

This year I am thinking I shall try to keep up with #teach180 on Twitter, posting a photo tweet every school day (more explanation here).

Some are photos of my students, others are photos of projects they are working on, others are screen captures of lessons or tools that I use, others are more random (a new art piece on the wall at my school that I really liked).

My goal is one photo (and caption) every day on twitter. I have already missed a few days, but here are my first two weeks:

  • Day 1, digital syllabus
  • Day 2, my classroom
  • Day 3, origami balloons in CIM
  • Day 5, map mosaic
  • Day 6, course homepage on LMS
  • Day 8, helping teachers build web pages
  • Day 9, students making music on Raspberry Pi

Happy teaching!

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