#teach180, part 3

Weeks 7-11:

  • Day 31: robot brought in for demo for our engineering advisory committee
  • Day 32: Students staying after school for an intense CyberPatriot practice round!
  • Day 34: Finding errors in G&M code for computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling
  • Day 35: Driving home via the original Washington Monument
  • Day 36: Students presented research on different types of manufacturing processes in class
  • Day 37: teaching G&M codes for students to carve out their initials and a nice sunset
  • Day 39: Two teams securing virtual computers at yesterday’s CyberPatriot competition practice round
  • Day 40: In computer science class, students making their first app: the Magic Trick
  • Day 41: Students working on a bandsaw and on CNC milling simulation software during their lunch period today
  • Day 42: First blocks machined on the CNC mill today!
  • Day 43: A closeup of a block in the CNC mill after machining
  • Day 44: More initials plotted, programmed, and milled out today, then a nice view of the Washington Monument at night
  • Day 45: More blocks designed, programmed, and machined on the computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill
  • Day 46: Beautiful sunrise on drive to work this morning, then some interesting cityscapes w/ 2-point-perspective posted in hall
  • Day 48: Getting ready for the STEM Competition
  • Day 49: 8th Annual STEM Competition!

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